Violet Hill
“McKervey is brilliant at evoking the sights and sounds of Edwardian London, and is particularly good when it comes to conveying the disorienting sense of an entire nation struck dumb by the catastrophic loses on the Western Front. Despite sympathising with those who find themselves haunting the realms of the supernatural in desperate search of comfort, Violet purses her relentlessly logical pursuit of explanations and answers, even if she is ultimately forced to conclude that ‘facts don’t create truth, they shadow it’.” (Irish Times)

“A fascinating and extremely well-written blend of historical and contemporary crime fiction.” (Irish Independent)

“Two women separated by a century, but their lives are connected by more than just a determination to do what’s right. An evocative and compelling read.” (Irish Times 25 Great Summer Reads)

“In Violet Hill by Henrietta McKervey, a page-turning detective novel, two worlds and timelines co-exist and eventually collide. Set in London, it features two very unique female detectives. The skill and attention to detail in this book allows you to escape into the post-World War I era and then back to current day with ease. Sit back and enjoy.” (Sinead Moriarty, Summer Reading Feature, Irish Independent)

The Heart of Everything
“Beautifully yet simply written, fuelled by perceptive observations and raw honesty, this novel will delight fans of Anne Tyler and Maggie O’Farrell … leaves you thinking about the characters long after the last page is turned.” (Sunday Independent)

“Henrietta McKervey’s second novel … marks [her] as one to watch in Irish fiction.” (Stellar magazine)

“The Heart of Everything confirms McKervey’s talent for creating realistic portraits of Irish life in an engaging and highly readable style … there is an emotional truth and authentic irresolution to the novel that will satisfy even the most cynical reader” (Sunday Business Post)

“What impresses most in [The Heart of Everything] is the quality of the writing, the striking images and witty turns of phrase … it’s a page turner … [Henrietta McKervey is a novelist in the early stages of her career, brimming with promise. She has wit, imagination and an understanding of human beings, which are the hallmark of the true novelist.” (Irish Times)

“With her keen eye for detail and her flair for words, McKervey has taken [an] important issue to create a page turning novel with real substance … This second novel confirms her place as one of Ireland’s up-and-coming writers.” (Irish Examiner)

What Becomes Of Us
“This impressive debut marks the writer out as a talent able to tell a complex story with intelligence and humour.” (Sunday Times)

“Beautifully written… simple spare style. A lovely, lovely novel… Henrietta McKervey: I would really be watching her.” (Cathy Kelly speaking on Today with Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1)

“A beautifully written account of a time when women, still subjugated, were determined to fight for their rights. It’s also a story of friendship, neighbourliness, what family really means, and where it can be found … All of the characters are superbly drawn” (Irish Examiner)

“The novel shines with intelligence and emotional insight” (Eilis Ni Dhuibhne)

“A thoughtful, poignant and insightful novel … there’s a hint of Binchy in McKervey’s ability to tell a complex, entertaining story with intelligence and wit” (Irish Times)

“An impressive debut … There is plenty to admire and contemplate in this enjoyable portrait of Ireland’s many-layered past” (Sunday Business Post)

“An assured debut” (RTE Guide)

“Have just finished this book. I could not put it down. I found it gripping and very moving. I was particularly impressed with the account of climbing Nelson’s Pillar having done it myself when I was eleven!” (Amazon review by Gloria Carter)