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A Talented Man: “Henrietta McKervey’s brilliant new novel is all about stories. It’s about the stories we tell regarding ourselves – are we the hero or the villain of our own lives? It’s about what gives a story value, and the ways in which a story can take on a life of its own, for better or for worse. A wonderfully entertaining novel.” Sunday Times

Violet Hill: “Henrietta McKervey is a storyteller of rare gifts. I love her writing. Violet Hill is a wonderfully assured and compelling novel, so evocative of a London that has long ceased to be, yet crackling on every page with urgently contemporary resonance and meaning. Seriously – I’m not kidding — I could not put it down.”
Joseph O’Connor

“The Heart of Everything: There is an emotional truth and authentic irresolution to the novel that will satisfy even the most cynical reader.” Sunday Business Post

What Becomes Of Us: “This impressive debut marks the writer out as a talent able to tell a complex story with intelligence and humour.”  Sunday Times

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